New office air purification system at Tyson’s Dental

We are deeply committed to, and take great pride in, providing the optimal dental care for OUR patients. As part of our proactive approach to ensuring your health and wellness, we have invested in a new air purification system for my office that has been designed specifically for dental applications. In general, the air we breathe can have a tremendous impact on our well being and comfort. In a dental office, the use of chemicals and the execution of dental procedures can lead to daily exposure to toxic compounds. Mercury spray during old amalgam filling removal, acrylic vapor while we fabricate temporary crown harmfully affect patients, assistants and dentists.

The new equipment we have purchased, the IQAir® Dental Series, has been specially developed to deal with contaminants commonly found in dental practices.

Polluted air is drawn in, and through a series of filter media is stripped of bacteria & viruses such as the common flu virus (size 0.005-0.3 microns), allergens including pet dander (size 0.003-25 microns) pollen (size 0.035-250 microns) dust mites (size 0.003-25 microns) mold spores (size 1-75 microns) and gaseous/vapor and odor contaminants such as drill aerosols, mercury vapor, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, and disinfectant vapors (size rang 0.1 microns and smaller). The result is clean, pure air that is guaranteed to be at least 99% free from these harmful particle and gaseous pollutants.

It is working even better than we expected; I used to sneeze quite often and my assistant Mariela used to get a skin rash while working with acrylic. Often we had a staff out with the flu. Now we all feel better being in the Green Zone of our office. We are pleased to share this with you.

The company also makes a full line of air purifiers designed to achieve these results at your home. Contact Stephen McCarthy at 571-641-5900 or email
Visit for more information.

We look forward to your next visit so you can experience first hand the benefit of breathing pure clean air in our dental.

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