We now have direct access to advanced 3D treatment tools for implants and restorations, oral and maxillofacial surgeries. Consistently impressive image quality is delivered through proprietary tools that create high definition, low dose scans quickly and easily every time.

Q: Do you know what will replace a traditional x-ray in dental offices?
A: Traditional X-ray was a standard for over 60 years, Cone Beam 3D Imaging is the new breakthrough technology and we are happy to finally be able to offer it to our patients.


What is so great about it?
1. Delivers a superior three-dimensional image that can be examined from every angle.
2. Allows us to see details such as the location of nerves and sinuses before inserting implants or performing oral surgery, which can avoid serious complications.
3. Above all, increases patients safety, reliability and success rate of the oral surgery.
4. Currently this 3D Imaging technology is available in only 3% of dental offices in the Nation and we are one of them!

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