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We offer an array of implant dentistry options, including dentures and dental implants in Tysons Corner and Vienna area. Dental implants are made of a permanent and sturdy titanium post that is fused to the jaw bone and then topped with a natural looking false tooth.  For patients who prefer another option to replace missing teeth, a dental bridge can also be placed.  Our office takes pride in customizing a dental treatment that is right for you. Contact Tyson’s Dental to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable Vienna implant dentists today.

Permanent Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth



Single Tooth Implant
Dental implants can restore function and beauty to your smile if you have missing teeth.  By surgically placing a titanium post in the jaw, the natural root of the tooth is restored.  Once the implant heals, a realistic looking artificial tooth is placed on the post to complete the procedure.  The placement of dental implants will take several visits to our McLean area cosmetic dentistry office.  However, the result is a permanent, comfortable, and natural looking replacement tooth, or teeth.

If you have missing teeth, implant dentistry is the best way to replace them.  Available near McLean and Fairfax, dental implants can restore beauty and complete function to your mouth.  Contact our cosmetic dentist in Vienna today to find out if you are a candidate for implant dentistry.

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Reasons and rules for grafting

1. Existing bone loss due to periodontal disease or abscess: If bone has already been lost from inflammation or infection, it is best to immediately graft the site following tooth extraction. It is much easier and cheaper to correct the defect at the time of tooth extraction than reconstructing it later which requires more invasive and expensive procedures.

2. Following extraction of teeth in the upper front area (smile zone): The bone is extremely thin in this area and following tooth loss, the bone almost always shrinks and diminishes in dimension. This results is inadequate bone and gum tissue and poor aesthetic results, no matter what the replacement option. Immediate bone grafting will prevent bone and gum tissue shrinkage and the unsightly defects that results. Bone graft will preserve the bone dimension and gum line creating a natural and cosmetic result following implant replacement.

3. Delayed implant placement: If a tooth has been extracted and there is normal healthy bone, but the patient does not desire implant placement right away for whatever reason, then the site should be grafted. This is done to preserve the bone and prevent it from shrinking. An implant can be easily placed later with predictable results. If not grafted, a defect can result, making it much more difficult and more costly to correct later.

We utilize one of the most advanced 3D Dental Imaging technology:


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