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At Tyson’s Dental, we offer an array of implant dentistry options, including dentures and dental implants, to Fairfax, McLean, and all of Virginia.  Dentures, although not permanent, provide a comfortable and effective way to replace several missing teeth.  Dental implants are made of a permanent and sturdy titanium post that is fused to the jaw bone and then topped with a natural looking false tooth.  For patients who prefer another option to replace missing teeth, a dental bridge can also be placed.  Our office takes pride in customizing a dental treatment that is right for you. Contact Tyson’s Dental to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable Vienna implant dentists today.

Dentures to Replace Missing Teeth



Denture Implants

Dentures replace missing teeth on both the upper and lower jaws.  They are ideal for persons who have multiple missing teeth that need to be replaced.  Missing teeth can change the appearance of the facial structure (i.e. – sunken cheeks and a hollow or collapsed appearance between the nose and chin) as well as make it difficult to chew.  Dentures, available at our office in Vienna, Virginia, correct the aesthetic and chewing problems associated with missing teeth.  Because dentures are custom made and fitted, they are comfortable and look like natural teeth.  Tyson’s Dental specializes in the placement of both full and partial dentures.  For more information, contact our Vienna office today.

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