Coronavirus Update


As COVID-19, or coronavirus, continues to be a global concern, we want to update you on how we are addressing this at Tysons Dental Associates.

While we currently have not received word of any exposure,  we have systems and protocols in place that allow us to continue to treat our patients, as necessary.

We all know that panic spreads faster than a virus. Not to forget – in the last 10 years the US, Europe and Asian population have already been exposed to Coronavirus– SARS and MERS .

A dental office is prepared to control viral and bacterial infection, as we routinely use infection control protocols – use of eye wear, mask, gloves, protective wears, surface disinfection.

We’ve added to our routine frequent hand washing when moving between office treatment rooms. We disinfect desktops, vertical surfaces, keyboards and mouses with Clorox and Cavicide. Our IQ Air air filters are running non-stop. A bottle of hand sanitizer is available for all at the front of the office.

To protect you and our employees, we are taking the following precautions:

– Requesting communication from any patient or employee who has tested positive, or been exposed and quarantined, and has been in our offices recently.
– Our doctors and employees who are expecting to leave on international travel will be required a 2 week out-of-office quarantine before returning to work.
– We offer virtual meetings via Skype or screen sharing for any patient who desires to meet remotely.
Managers Kristle and Kimberley.

Hygienists Anna and Marzia.

Drs  Alex Osinovsky, Dina Hojaeva, and Gloria Campos.

Should anything regarding our operations change, we will keep you updated in a timely manner.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Remember, resources like the CDCNIH & WHO are your safest bet for reliable information.

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